Gutter Systems Compared - Important Information

Are you considering a clog-free system for your home? Well, congratulations, a clog-free system is a great investment. As with any investment, it makes sense to do your homework before making a final purchasing decision. There are lots of suggestions out there on how to keep your rainwater removal system from clogging. Screens, filters and covers are all designed to keep leaves and debris out, and most do…at least for a little while. You see, most of these designs are very old and haven’t changed in 30 or 40 years. They work in the short run but rarely do they give you what you wanted all along…an end to the problem of recurring clogs.

gutter systems compared

When is a Product Really a “Gutter System”?

A modern day system features protection pieces which fall into a few categories. Screens, Filters, Hoods and Integrated Systems. By definition, only the integrated system qualifies as a “gutter system”. The others are not because they use your existing system already in place. In a system, both the trough and hood are designed to work together to keep your system clog-free.

  1. Screens: This category embraces most Do-It-Yourself products. They are inexpensive which may be their only advantage. They do nothing to address the problems being caused by your existing system and they have no warranty.
  2. Filters: Some products use a stainless steel mesh to cover the system. These products are called filters. Eventually though, they clog with pollen, dirt and dust and need to be changed. Here is a statement taken directly from one filter company’s warranty. “IT IS THE OWNER(S) RESPONSIBILITY TO UNCLOG THE MESH.” Again, these products do nothing to address the problems being caused by your existing system.
  3. Hoods: Aluminum panels that mount under your roof shingles and cover your existing system. These products are sometimes called systems, but because they use your old system, they aren’t actually a system of their own. They usually come with promises of huge savings (another myth). And because they extend outward from under the shingles, they leave your fascia board exposed and make it look like your roof sticks out over the gutters.
  4. Integrated Systems: True “gutter systems.” These systems are installed against the fascia, not under the shingles. James Dulley, a nationally syndicated home-improvement columnist, says, “The best method is to install an entire system with an integral guard.” We are the only integrated gutter system that looks like traditional rainwater removal system, has a high back trough, and a secured cover that can’t be blown off by wind and storms.

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