Gutter Myths

Knowing the most common myths and facts about these rainwater removal systems can help you feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your home.

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Using Your Old System Will Save You Thousands

The reality is that over time your old system will cause as much as 10 times their value in home repairs (fascia rot, wood siding damage, drywall damage) because of poor design. It just doesn’t make sense to keep them. Companies selling hoods or other products that use your old system want you to believe that you’re going to save a lot of money. Truthfully, you can install a new cover system for the same or less money.

Old “One Piece” Systems Still Make Sense

When it comes to covered systems, one-piece designs just don’t make sense. Because the top and bottom are made in one-piece, if either piece gets damaged they both have to be replaced and since the top isn’t removable, it’s very hard to clean or service the trough. The newest, state-of-the-art, integrated systems use two-piece design technology. The top is a separate piece that can be replace if damaged without replacing the seamless trough. One type uses a snap on hood but this type of hood can be easily damaged or blown off in high winds. Our system’s two-piece design secures the separate hood to the bracket and trough.

Installing a Hood Under the Shingles Will Void the Shingle Warranty

For most homes, installing a hood won’t void your shingle warranties. However, this is something you should check with your shingle’s manufacturer just to be sure. You should also consider the downside of installing “under shingle” type hoods:

In Heavy Rain, Water Spills Over Clog-Free Systems

Our clog-free system has been designed and tested to handle the heaviest Charlotte rainfalls. Our hood has exclusive double flow reducers that slow the water coming off your roof. The principle of surface tension keeps the water flowing into the gutter system. Surface tension isn’t affected by the amount or speed of the water, so even in heavy rain, our system works!

Clog-free Systems Won't Work on My Steep Roof

So your home has a steep pitched roof and you think that a covered system isn’t designed for it. The fact is that the steeper your roof is, the better our covered system performs. The funny thing about roofs is that the steeper they get, the less water they catch. A flat roof catches all of the rain that falls over it. But as you begin to tilt a flat roof upward, angling its surface to the rain, you reduce the surface area that can catch rain and reduce the total amount of rain to be handled by the gutters. Granted, the water that is caught will flow faster but there is much less of it.

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