Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Average rating for The GutterShutter Co. is 4.97 stars of 5 stars – based on 366 reviews

Our neighbor recommended your gutter guards to us and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thanks again.

Christie and Tyler C.

Thank you for quickly installing the gutter system we purchased. Everyone worked well together to get the product installed fast.

Sarah W.

The sales rep was really knowledgeable. One of the best experiences I have had with a contractor at my home. We would definitely recommend your gutter guards to others.

Debbie and Jonas H.

We felt that these gutter guards were the best quality product after examining a few different systems on the market. The cost of the product was great.

Jodie and Mark G.

These gutter covers are made from stable, solid, and dependable materials. Thanks again for taking care of the top of my home. Much appreciated. Will be recommending you to others in the area.

Steph S.

Rick new the gutter protection product well and he as able to talk about all of the advantages of the system!

Rebecca and Kirk K.

I chose these gutter covers over the competitor’s product because of the quality and price of this system. Thank you!

Debbie G.

I had the opportunity to examine your gutter protection system at the southern home show. The installation crew was very experienced and worked together. They were great!

Jordan and Vanessa C.

Your gutter covers sales rep took an honest and open approach to selling the product to us. Thank you for a job well done.

Allen and Amanda J.

We were really impressed with the professionalism of the presentation for this gutter system. The quality of the product is also far superior to anything else we have seen.

Sally and Jim W.

I saw a recommendation for these gutter guards on Angie’s List and decided to give you all a call. The sales rep was no-pressure and explained everything in detail to me. Thanks again.

Brooke H.

This gutter system is much better than the one offered by your competitor. We are pleased with our decision to go with you guys.

Zack and Mandy Z.

We saw the display for this gutter screen at the Galleria Mall and were really impressed – even more impressed with how well it actually works!

Dustin and Tori D.

This is a very strong gutter cover and it has held up strong during many storms.

Brian and Tina B.

I was VERY impressed with the installation of my gutter guards by your crew. They certainly knew what they were doing, and they were very friendly.

Laurie W.

This was the better gutter system than everything else we checked out online and in person. The design won us over, and it was a great price.

Dustin W.

The gutter screen was installed in a timely fashion by your crew. Thank you again for your dedication and hard work.

Tyler and Alexis B.

The salesman for this gutter protection system was low key, informative, positive, and was able to answer all of our questions – and we had a lot of them!

Sarah and Tom M.

I chose these gutter covers because of their cost, design, features, and quality materials.

Henry M.

A+ gutter guards from these guys. Thank you for a job well done in our home.

Jenelle and Tom W.

Thank you for a job well done with the installation of our gutter guards. Everything works great.

Morgan and Ted B.

You installed the same gutter cover at our neighbor’s house and we loved it and decided to give you all a call!

Sarah and Brad Y.

I felt that Jeffrey V. did a great job explaining the gutter screen to us. We are pleased with our choice.

Holly and Tom G.

The quality of your gutter screen was much better than I anticipated. Great job, thank you.

Joshua G.

No games with the pricing of this gutter protection system. No gimmicks! Thanks again!

Darcy Z.

Your gutter cover suited our needs and I am very pleased to say your installation team did a great job and worked well with one another.

Maura and George M.

We liked what we saw when your salesman demonstrated the gutter system to us. Great product and excellent installation crew.

Josh and Tina G.

We did a lot of research when choosing the right gutter screen and your product matched our wants and needs perfectly!

Lori and Randy M.

We have worked with your company before on my father’s house and that is why we decided to use your gutter guards over the competitors’ products. Thanks again.

Brandon H.

The price and heavy gauge of your gutter system is what made us go with your company. I have to admit that everything looks much better than I expected!

Jason and Tanya H.

You guys matched the lowest bid I received for these gutter covers, and you also have the better product.

Scott and Lisa F.

You guys have excellent information on your site for your gutter screen product. It was installed fast and works great as far as we can tell.

Stan and Tina B.

This gutter system was recommended to me by Bill. He said the covers do a great job keeping leaves out, and so far so good!

Morgan and Hank C.

The quality of these gutter guards far exceeds all the other products we have seen. Thank you!

Rebecca and Matthew G.

The gutter cover installers were great. You would think they were working on their own homes with how careful they were. Thanks again!

Kendra and Todd A.

These gutter covers are made from quality materials which is evident in their design and installation.

Laura and Henry T.

The quality of this gutter system surpassed all other competitors. It’s a great value.

Rhonda and Reynold M.

This gutter screen is a good value, and there are no gimmicks. It really does work like they say it will.

Lindsey and Brad M.

These were the best gutter covers we saw all day at the home show. We are happy with our decision to get them installed.

Cara and Ted W.

This gutter protection product is the best! We are telling our neighbors about you, and we are sure they’ll love their covers. Thanks again!

Bryan and Heather S.

Our friend George recommended your gutter covers to us and we are so glad we went ahead and gave you all a call. We are really pleased with the product and how great of a job it’s doing on top of our home.

Lonnie and Tina V.

Your gutter screen representative was very pleasant and gave us the information we were looking for. He showed us different products and pointed out the benefits of your system.

Chad and Cindy M.

We were impressed with the gutter guards when we saw them at the Southern Spring Show. We were impressed with the quality of the product, materials, installation, and the sales rep was informative – not pushy!

Christie and Carl J.

We feel as if we got the best price on our gutter covers thanks to your honest sales team. Wonderful crew to work with throughout the entire process.

Anna and Brian G.

This gutter system is superior to all the other protection systems we looked at in the last month. Looking forward to a quick and clean installation tomorrow!

MIchelle and Trevor H.

These gutter guards are definitely the better product when they’re compared to other systems on the market. Thanks again for showing us the ins and outs of how it works and getting it installed fast.

Danielle and Rick F.

I heard an ad for your gutter guards and decided to give you all a call. I’m so glad that I did! My gutters are now safe and protected!

Laura L.

This is the best quality gutter protection system available. Hands down. We are continually impressed with how well it’s able to keep debris out.

Linda and Dennis S.

The gutter screen salesman was very professional, very personable, and very informative.

Rosetta B.

These were the best and cheapest gutter covers I found both searching online and by visiting home shows. Thanks for a job well done.

Howard H.

You all are a member of the BBB and Angie’s List, and we read through some of the reviews online for your gutter covers. We knew you’d be the perfect company to go with!

Laura and Brandon H.

The gutter system installation crew was great. The price, reputation, and professionalism of your company and products were what convinced us to go with you guys.

Bryce and JoAnne F.

Thank you very much for the good job with adding on our new gutter guard. After talking to your representative and seeing a demonstration, we were sold.

Barbara and John M.

The pricing for these gutter covers was spot on with what we wanted to pay. Thanks again.

Tammy and Joe S.

We liked the design of these gutter guards the best. It works well with the wooden specific shakes on our home.

Donna and Robbie C.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job installing my purchased gutter screen. I have to say, I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of your crew.

Leslie T.

I liked your gutter protection system the best out of all them I’ve seen at home shows in town.

Jim D.

These gutter covers feature superior engineering, a very competitive price, and you have very good sales people.

Renee and Brandon H.

We chose to go with your gutter protection product because we feel as if it’s the best one on the market today.

Trudy and Ron E.

I chose these gutter guards because of the product demo the salesman gave me, and the quality of the materials and my overall impression of you guys really sold the deal. Thanks so much!

Tori S.

We chose this gutter screen because of your reputation in our neighborhood as being a trusted gutter professional. Thanks for a great job.

Sarah and Roger S.

You all had the better price on the gutter covers than the other guys, and you had a no-high-pressure sales pitch. I appreciate it.

Erin W.

We were impressed with the presentation of these gutter covers at the home show and that’s why we decided to go with them.

Kevin and Virginia P.

Thanks again for installing our gutter guards. We wouldn’t leave the work to anyone else. Nice job, you guys.

Hailey and Dominick S.

You gave me an estimate per foot for the gutter protection system over the phone, which no other company would do. Thanks again.

Tyler and Jennifer E.

This was the best gutter screen product we came across, and we appreciated the fact that you took the time to mail us brochures so we could learn more about it before we decided to purchase the system.

Arnold and Judy C.

A+ gutter guards. We couldn’t be happier with the product or with the installation crew.

Brent and Renee H.

We appreciated the prompt installation of our gutter system. This product has a rugged construction and you can tell it’s going to last.

Andrew and Laura R.

This gutter screen works like a charm. I can’t believe we went all these years without a cover in place. It’s going to save us a ton of time this fall.

Donald and Tina W.

Calvin recommended these gutter covers to me and I’m glad I went with his suggestion. Great product, and I can tell it was made from solid materials.

Lindsey F.

I am single, and it was nice to be treated as an equal. I was never pressured or talked down to during the presentation of the gutter screen. Very courteous and honest employees.

Laurie W.

Thanks for a job well done with our gutter guards. We couldn’t ask for more. Quality, affordable product from a trusted company in the area.

Joey and Samantha F.

Thank you for excellent gutter protection services, and courteous, responsive employees.

Mary and Lewis M.

The folks that came out installed our gutters professionally and quickly. They were only here a few hours, and they even cleaned up the work area when they were finished.

Jamie and Brooke D.

We had a very pleasant experience with no pressure sales tactics and a very professional follow up. Nice job installing our new gutter system.

Stefanie and Rick T.

My gutters were fairly new and you had the best gutter screen product as an alternative to doing a full replacement.

Aaron and Becky L.

Thank you for taking the time to explain your gutter covers to us prior to installation. We were comfortable throughout the entire process and had all of our questions answered.

Kathryn and Dennis K.

These gutter guards are a great protection system against leaves and debris. They were able to be installed together with our existing downspouts. We were very pleased.

Erin and Jeff W.

The gutter system operated exactly as your installer told me it would. The work and operation of the system is impressive.

Kim and Donald H.

Great gutter guards. I know that if I need to call you for adjustments, you will service them promptly. Thanks again.

Jessica C.

Another client of yours recommended this gutter system to us. Also, the presentation by Jeff sold us. It was a no pressure situation, and the quality of the product is apparent when you look at it.

Katie and Mark B.

I was impressed with the gutter cover. The crew was very polite. They answered all my questions. I really appreciated the quality of the completed job.

Corey and Vickie B.

The quality of the gutter guards is outstanding. The system was presented to me by the salesman in a very courteous fashion. He was not pushy at all. I thank you for that.

Carol B.

We went with this gutter system because of Internet recommendations and Angie’s List referrals. The installation crew was professional, courteous, and timely – I would highly recommend them to others.

Eric and Vanessa M.

You guys seemed to use the best quality materials in the construction of your gutter guards. The installation seemed sturdy, as well. Would recommend this product to others.

Trevor S.

Your gutter protection product was recommended to us by our roofing contractor. He said it is a great product and he is certainly right!

Kelly and Tyler C.

The gutter guard project site was left clean. The installers were friendly and nice. This product seemed to be of the highest quality when compared to others.

Connie K.

The owner Jeff is really nice and knows a lot about gutter protection. Thanks for a job well done.

Maria and Joseph C.

I appreciated the phone call post completion of our gutter guards and the additional help adding adpaters to my drain spouts.

Rebecca A.

Excellent work installing our gutter covers! Everyone did a fabulous job and stayed on the ball the whole time.

Duncan and Harriet D.

The price of these gutter covers is unbeatable, along with the quality of the materials used. We give you guys an A+ for installation and clean up work!

Heather and Jared H.

This is a quality gutter protection product that we are happy to say we have installed on our home. It’s going to save us hours this fall when we don’t have to clean leaves out of the gutters.

Julie and Rick E.

Our neighbor referred us to you after they had their gutter guards installed. We have to say, this is truly a great system and it works really well, even on our old home.

Hank and Molly H.

We had several people tell us about your gutter covers and after seeing it at the home show, we are glad we chose this quality product over some of the others we were looking at.

Sharon and Donnie C.

Fantastic gutter protection product! Works exactly how it was demonstrated to us by the salesman.

Leslie H.

After seeing your team working on our house remodeling project, we knew who to call when a tornado damaged our existing gutter system. The new gutter guards look great.

Maria M.

We decided to go with this gutter system from the recommendations on Angie’s List. So far, so good!

Danielle and Robbie G.

These gutter covers make for a great protection system. The installers had everything up in just one day!

Tyler and Alaina C.

These gutter guards work as a great protection system for the top of our home. No more clogged gutters, thank goodness!

Sabrina and Tim S.

Best gutter covers on the market – I’m convinced! Jeff did a great job selling the product to me and answered all my questions.

Lisa M.

I decided to go with this gutter protection system over the others because my son also had it installed on his house and he loves it.

Dorothy M.

You were the low bidder when it came to us choosing gutter covers. We thank you and your crew for a professional service from beginning to end.

Matt and Crystal F.

We liked the gutter protection product when we saw it at our local home show. Installation went well and we have no complaints.

Tina and Jeff T.

My phone conversation with Jeff about the gutter guards was what convinced me to get them installed. True professionals.

Dustin and Amelia S.

We chose this gutter protection product because of the quality materials it’s made from and because the owner talked with us one-on-one.

Eddie and JoAnne F.

We were truly pleased with the entire process, from choosing the right gutter covers down to the clean up after installation. Thank you for a job well done.

Meghan and Eric W.

We wanted clean gutters so we chose this gutter system from you guys. Your workers did an excellent job and worked non-stop until the job was done.

Kristin and Aiden T.

Our neighbor personally recommended your gutter covers. The installers were great. Thank you very much!

Rebecca and Andrew K.

Concise, quick, responsive, and affordable gutter protection product and company.

Tom A.

We considered two gutter protection products but chose yours because it was the much better value and the much better quality product.

Bryan and Sam F.

We like the style and look of the gutter covers. Your workers were hard working and dedicated to doing a great job.

Tyler and Tina E.

We chose this gutter protection product because of its quality, and the installation was great. Good job all the way around!

Quinn and Danielle R.

The quality of the materials with these gutter guards is far superior than anything else on the market.

Claire and Goerge B.

Thank you for the great gutter covers. They work well and we didn’t have to get our existing system replaced. Affordable and professional installation.

Morgan and Tom P.

This gutter system met my needs perfectly and the price was reasonable.

Jared W.

Your gutter protection product was recommended to us by our friends. We were really pleased with your professionalism and knowledge about how the product works and how it was installed.

Stephanie and Todd V.

Thank you for installing these gutter guards on my home so quickly. You are definitely a company who I can trust. Great workers and great attitudes.

Kevin J.

My wife and I went with these gutter covers because of the salesman’s presentation of the product and the rating it has received online. Your crew arrived early on the day of installation and the job was finished ahead of time!

Thomas and Jeanne S.

These gutter guards are of top quality, and the installation crew was very nice and they explained several details to my satisfaction.

Marsha M.

We liked your gutter system better, and the price was great.

Cassie S.

The gutter protection salesman, Rick, was polite and not pushy. The two men who installed our gutters were exceptional! They were polite, pleasant, and professional.

Bobby and Tara C.

We were thoroughly convinced that your gutter covers were much better than the other guys’. Your crew began their job professionally and on time. They allowed me to paint the areas behind my old gutters first.

Luke and Sarah O.

We chose this gutter protection system because of the professionalism of the sales person and the quality of the product’s construction.

Robert S.

We chose your gutter guards over the competitors because these are a much better quality and a better value for our dollar. Thanks again for all you did for us!

Kevin M.

This gutter system was much cheaper than the alternatives. Thanks for a great job.

Tess and Carl M.

We appreciated your thorough responses to our questions about the gutter covers. You were very helpful, but not pushy. We appreciated all your help.

Christine and Henry T.

We went to our neighbor’s house who has this gutter cover installed and it helped us make our decision on what protection system to buy – yours!

Trixie and Vaughn T.

This gutter protection product sells itself. The crew was some of the best workers I’ve had at my home. Their service was great and I will recommend you to my friends and family in the area.

Tonya and Dennis R.

The gutter covers were installed by a crew who was extremely friendly and polite. They left the site exactly the way it was when they got there.

Julie and Curt H.

These are the best gutter covers we came across while doing some research online for protection systems. They are doing a fantastic job at keeping debris out.

Ronald and Debra W.

Our friend recommended this gutter protection system to us and we are so glad we went with you guys for the install. You all are true professionals, and we appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.

Lucille and Ronnie C.

The gutter cover was installed in a timely manner and the crew left the job site clean. We would definitely use this company again!

John B.

We saw this gutter system at the home show and called Gutter Shutter up to learn more about it. Great product and we are happy with the install.

Stephanie and Arnie C.

We chose these gutter guards because they were easily the better product when compared to two other popular systems on the market. Thanks for explaining all the details to us.

Delores and Jim P.

The gutter guards were installed by an excellent crew! They look very nice now that they are in place!

Henry and Melissa W.

I saw reviews for your gutter protection system on Angie’s List and decided to go with your product because of the price and dependability it seems to have.

Jenny V.

This gutter cover had the best price and quality out of all the products I saw at the home show. Thanks for a job well done with installation.

Jackie J.

We chose these gutter guards because they were a much better value than the other protection systems we saw at the home improvement store or online.

Michael and Danielle P.

These are the best gutter covers on the market! Thanks again!

Lucy and Ron V.

This gutter system was the best quality system that we found. Went with you guys because of your awesome price and professionalism.

Tyler and JoAnne H.

The gutter protection product offered met our needs. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Richie and Violet R.

We found you guys on Angie’s List and saw all the positive reviews about your gutter guards. Decided to give you guys a call and we are so glad we did.

Ted and Danielle H.

You guys have outstanding quality with your gutter protection system when compared to your competitors. Thank you for a great product that I know is going to last on my home. It is working.

Gerry D.

We went with your gutter guards because of your response, price, and professionalism. Thanks again.

Cathy and Ryan G.

You were the best gutter system company we found and you delivered to our expectations.

Courtney and Frankie A.

I went with your gutter covers because you guys are professional and thorough. Thanks for a great product!

Debra F.

The neighbors had their gutter guards installed by you and we decided to follow suit. You guys were affordable and professional.

Kathy and Mark S.

We chose this gutter protection system after talking with our neighbors who recently had it installed on their home. We were very impressed with the installer and his respect for our property, and his professionalism.

Cindy and Matt V.

The gutter covers were installed fast by the field crew. They worked very efficiently and answered all of our questions.

Rachel and Bobby G.

GutterShutter was the best system of gutter guards I found. I saw you guys at a home show and I was thoroughly impressed with the product.

Rodney G.

We chose this gutter cover based on an Angie’s List recommendation, and because of the affordable cost.

Rose and Ben W.

We chose this gutter system because of its cost and quality.

Keith and Janice S.

The gutter cover installers were great, very friendly and timely. Thanks for a job well done. Working great!

Linda and Frank P.

These guys offered great gutter covers and they were easy to work with. We are pleased with the job! We saw you at the Southern Spring Home Show.

Penny and Thomas P.

The gutter cover installer was very nice and made sure everything was done right before he left.

Josh and Maddie H.

We chose these gutter covers because of the quality, design, and strength of the product.

Ron and Tina G.

The gutter protection product is more substantial than any other product I have seen similar to it. The demonstration was also really convincing.

Arnold G.

The gutter covers installer at my house was very nice. I appreciated all of the scraps that they picked up when they were finished for the day.

Anthony and Malorie S.

The gutter covers were installed fast. This is a great product.

Whitney and George W.

Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. The crew did a great job installing my new gutter system.

Dave and Jen C.

The best home repair services I have ever received was with these gutter guards. You guys were good!

Trevor and Danielle T.

The quality of the gutter cover product was compared to the other two and it was the best price and value.

George and Lisa R.

You are a very trustworthy gutter protection company and if you treat all your customers like you did us, then they are all surely satisfied!

Jessica and Tom B.

We chose these gutter guards for their protection and price.

Anthony and Julia B.

We saw the gutter covers and compared it to the others at the Southern Spring show in Charlotte – and it was the very best value!

Charlie and Luanne B.

Thank you for wonderful gutter guards and the wonderful price!

Arnold and Luella B.

The gutter cover installers were very courteous, quick, and dependable. Thanks for installing this system for us.

Leslie and Ron M.

When it comes to gutter covers, you guys have the better system and the better price when compared to competition. Thanks again.

Robbie and Tina R.

Our contractor recommended you guys for the best gutter system in town. We are glad we called you instead of the other guys in the area. Great prices.

Violet P.

We saw your gutter cover at the home show and thought it was a great idea for our gutters. The salesman did a phenomenal job explaining the product to us – what it’s made of, how it works, the cost, etc. We were sold from the get-go!

Janet K.

These gutter protection guys are courteous, professional, and prompt! We loved the display we saw and it sold us on the product.

Donna and Henry C.

This is a quality gutter guard that will be able to protect the top of your home. It’s sure doing a good job on mine.

Eddie P.

We chose these gutter covers because the salesman was professional and presented the product very well. The installation team did a great job.

Brandon and Shelby T.

We saw your display of gutter covers at the home show, and the workers did a great job installing this for us. They even pointed out a possible problem with our roof when they were up on the ladder. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Julia and Gary Y.

We were much more impressed with this gutter system than the others we have seen. Thanks again.

Malorie and Brent G.

Even though the price of this gutter system was s little higher than LeafGuard, it is of MUCH better quality and the warranty is great.

Lisa N.

We looked at several companies offering gutter guards and went with you guys because you were professional, punctual, and clean.

Cindy and Pete C.

The salesman did a great demonstration of the gutter cover product. We chose to go with it because of feedback from past clients and because of the excellent warranty.

Henry R.

We chose these gutter covers for their value and simple maintenance. We are pleased so far.

Penny and Todd P.

Rick did an excellent job explaining the gutter protection system to us!

Ryan B.

We had a really good experience with your work ethics and professionalism with the installation of our gutter guard.

Rhonda and Troy M.

These guys had exactly what I needed. Gutter guards in the size and color that I was looking for. Thanks again.

Elaine E.

Best gutter protection system on the market.

Renee and Bryan W.

Jeff Viscount is the primary reason we went with this gutter protection company. They are committed to their product and quality. Two things I will pay for – quality and commitment to service.

Courtney and Brandon C.

The gutter cover installers did a wonderful job and were very professional. Great cost.

Erin and Kevin W.

I thought the gutter guards would work the best of all I had seen.

Barbara and Chris W.

The gutter system works well!

Cary W.

I saw the system at the RV show in Charlotte. The gutter system looked stronger and better than others I have seen.

Linda and Patrick M.

Excellent gutter cover company, the presentation was excellent. The crew finished everything in one day. The price was fair and the quality was excellent.

Alexandra and Steve F.

Heard a lot of good things about this gutter system and we are glad we checked you guys out. Our covers are going to be installed tomorrow.

Danielle and Ryan S.

100% happy with this gutter protection system. It works, was affordable, and doesn’t need much maintenance. Great product, in my opinion.

Brooke C.

The salesman was really friendly and the gutter guards got put up fast on our home. Our home is medium size, and it still was fast. We were really impressed.

Ellie and Henry D.

My new home looks great with the gutter covers installed. Just what I wanted – an easy maintenance home that doesn’t need gutter cleaning all the time!

Connie N.

This gutter system had a lot more advantages over some of the other ones we looked at, mostly its easy maintenance.

Rose and Alex F.

BEST gutter protection system on the market, and the price really can’t be beat!

Joy and Kevin R.

We just moved into our new home and knew we needed to do something to keep our rain gutters in good shape, so we had this gutter system installed and we are very happy with what all it can do!

Renee and Peter S.

These gutter covers go far beyond what other systems on the market can do. I was really impressed, and the team who came to my house was really professional and clean.

Timothy W.

I couldn’t believe how affordable this gutter guard was, and it provides such a great value to my home. I will never have to clean the gutters again, and neither will future homeowners who live here.

Jessica and Tom P.

I had looked online for ages to find gutter guards that were affordable and would work with my existing system. This product does it all and then some. No more clogs, and my gutters are protected. Thanks again.

Donald S.

The gutter system I chose for my home was installed in a professional manner. I was pleasantly surprised by how well your team worked with one another to get the job done fast. A+ work.

Joey B.

We love the gutter covers your team installed! We can’t even describe how sick and tired we were of birds building nests up on top of our home in the gutters. Now they won’t be able to and we won’t have to sweep out any nesting materials! Thank you!

Judy and Brian H.

Best gutter protection product I’ve seen yet. Can’t wait to tell the neighbors about it because I know they have the same problem I did with leaves.

Rodney S.

We really are thrilled with the new gutter system. It’s doing a fantastic job at keeping birds out. We never again need to worry about them trying to build nests on top of our home!

Stephanie and Mark C.

If you are thinking about getting a gutter guard installed, go with this company! They offer great prices and they actually showed up at the time when they said they would!

Kevin and Heather J.

These gutter covers professionals really know their stuff! They walked us through the installation process and we felt comfortable with the workers at our home.

Jeremy and Crystal J.

I love the gutter covers you put up! I had no idea so much gunk could get stuck in my rain gutters, but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Debra S.

We knew we had a lot of choices available when it came to gutter protection, but this system seems to offer the most and at the best value. Thanks again for your thorough work.

Rebecca and Todd M.

We are so grateful that you were able to get the gutter guard installed before fall came. We didn’t have to get on a ladder once to clean the leaves out. Thanks again!

Kevin and Sarah K.

Thanks again for sending out some great workers. They put the new gutter system on fast and explained to us what we would need to do from now on to keep our gutters maintained.

James and Donna D.

I think these gutter covers were a great investment for my home. They’re going to keep all the bad stuff out while still letting the water in so it can be channeled away from the roof properly.

Jeremy R.

We love this new gutter system. We had another “”gutter cover”” installed before, but it was nowhere near as effective as this one. Thanks again!

Ryan and Lisa K.

My son told me about you guys and I decided to give you a call, and I’m sure glad that I did! The gutter covers look great and blend in nicely. No more gutter cleaning for me this fall. Thanks a million!

Eddie E.

I was surprised by everything this gutter protection system could do. It seems to be working great at keeping the leaves out, but the water can still get in and be drained away properly.

Charlotte and Andy F.

Great gutter guards! We are telling the neighbors about this system and they are probably going to be giving you a call soon to get them up before spring.

Laurie and Donald L.

This is the best gutter protection product available on the market, hands down! It installed fast and the workers answered all my questions about what it was going to do. Thanks again!

Richard M.

My gutter covers are going to save me a lot of time this fall when the leaves start coming down!

Carol S.

We called these guys to look into getting a gutter guard installed, and they did a phenomenal job with the installation. Everyone showed up on time and worked well with each other. We were pleased with the work.

Breanna and Nick B.

A+ gutter covers from these guys. They really know their stuff and walked us through the installation process so we knew what was going to happen every step of the way.

Penny and Rich P.

We knew we needed some form of gutter protection to protect the top of our home from leaves and bird nests and so on. This system does a great job at keeping all the nasty debris out where it belongs!

Heather and Brock T.

We love our gutter covers. They match well with the rest of the home so they don’t really stick out. The best part is no more gutter cleaning!

Tori and Jonathan V.

We were hesitant at first about getting gutter guards installed, but then we called your team and you explained how they were going to work, and the fact that we wouldn’t need a replacement gutter system installed. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Stephanie and Anthony S.

We feel we made the best decision with this gutter guard product. It was affordable, installation took no time at all, and it’s doing just what we want it to do – keep leaves out.

Frankie and Lisa F.

These gutter guards do a fantastic job at keeping all the outdoor stuff away from the top of my home. I don’t have time to clean my gutters and this system does it for me!

Ruth P.

We are so glad we made the decision to get this gutter system installed. Installation was quick, and we didn’t need an entirely new system or replacements installed.

Andrew and Amanda K.

We love our new gutter covers and our neighbors will be calling you soon to get them installed on their homes!

Kendra and Phil R.

This gutter system comes highly recommended from my wife and I. It was affordable, installed quickly, and we haven’t had any clogs since installation.

Brandon and Kathy B.

We are really happy with the gutter covers. No more clogs and no more messy leaf buildup!

Max and Lisa M.

Best gutter protection system out there! Thanks again!

Debbie and John M.

The folks who came out to install the gutter guard showed up right at 10AM and got the work done fast. We were really impressed with their work attitude and how well they answered our questions.

Susan and Tom H.

Our gutter system is great! No more cleaning the gutters throughout the year because of nasty clogs and leaf buildup!

Ryan and Tabitha C.

Thanks for your fast installation work for our gutter covers. We had no idea they’d be so quick to install and they started working immediately!

Laura and Matthew G.

Thank you for the gutter system that was everything I wanted and then some. 100% satisfied with this product!

Richard P.

Our gutter guard system is looking great and keeping the leaves out. We also saw it keeping a bird out who was trying to build a nest. This will save us a lot of time with our spring and fall cleaning each year.

Joey and Lisa S.

If you need gutter guards for your home, these are the guys to call! Fast and professional work – and they will answer all your questions!

Rhonda B.

We thank you for installing the covers without having to replace our entire gutter system. We thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg, but luckily we were wrong – very wrong! Affordable gutter protection.

Courtney and Travis C.

Your gutter protection system far exceeds everything else we have seen available. It’s doing great at keeping everything out but letting rainwater in.

Debra and Charles N.

I couldn’t find a better gutter guard on the market. Thanks for installing it so quickly and not messing with my landscaping!

Henry and Sue G.

We called you for gutter covers and the man we talked to was very helpful. Answered all our questions and scheduled a consultation with us prior to the installation work. Very pleased with the entire process.

Daryll and Chelsea S.

This gutter system is doing precisely what I want it to – it’s keeping the birds and leaves out where they belong! No more clogs.

Thomas C.

Thank you and your professional team for the AWESOME gutter guard and installation work. We had a lot of questions, but everyone was very helpful.

Amanda and Brandon W.

I knew I needed some kind of gutter protection system in place because I don’t have the energy to clean all those nasty clogs out of my gutter on my own. This system is keeping everything out but the water!

Becky A.

We are happy with the gutter guards your company installed, and we recommend you to our friends down the road who are sick of cleaning out bird nests from their gutters!

Lorie and Carl G.

With this gutter guard in place, we don’t have to spend a ton of money hiring a handyman to clean our gutters each fall and spring. Thanks again!

Stefanie and Todd S.

We are relieved that you were able to install our gutter covers without having to replace the entire gutter and downspout system. This saved us a ton of money!

Tammy and Jeff W.

Your gutter system is keeping out those pesky birds who try to build a nest each year. A+ gutter cover.

Michael and Crystal M.

We cannot thank you enough for your gutter protection system! The installers showed up promptly at 9AM and got everything installed and cleaned up so fast!

William and Harriet S.

Your team did a great job installing the gutter guard. It looks great and is working like it should. We haven’t seen any water pooling over the sides of our home since you got it installed.

Saly and Mike P.

The new gutter covers look great and we are so relieved that we never again have to climb up a rickety ladder to scoop clogs of leaves out. Thanks for saving us a lot of hard work!

Connie and Dennis D.

Gutter Shutter removed old gutters and put on replacement gutters, including a new drip edge on my home. The sales representative was knowledgeable and had examples of various gutter systems available for comparison. The Gutter Shutter system seemed to be superior. The installer (Danny) was very courteous and professional. He had been factory-trained and did an outstanding job in installing the gutter system. This was the best experience I have had in home repairs in many years.

John B.

Gutter Shutter added new gutters to my home and took off all the old ones. They were willing to accommodate rain barrels. They were adaptable and gave special consideration to my situation. They were also careful with my landscaping.

Laura B.

The new gutters were high quality and the work was very professionally done. The installer took the time to make sure it was done correctly. They replaced our gutters and downspouts. They also replaced some rotted wood.

Leonard C.

Jeff and his team were great to work with for my gutter replacement project. I was also having windows replaced and the house painted, but they accommodated my schedule and were there less than one week after all the other work was completed.

Julie U.

The Gutter Shutter company replaced my gutters with their gutter system product. The downspouts were fine and did not have to be replaced, so only the gutters themselves were.

Robert P.

Gutter Shutter added seamless gutters to my home. They were very prompt, professional, and even added guttering to a detached garage that previously had no gutter system in place.

Steve W.

Gutter Shutter installed new gutters on my whole house. They had a great product presentation without high pressure sales. Quality assurance, without high price warranties and guarantees. The workers were very personable.

Barbara D.

Gutter Shutter replaced all my existing gutters with new gutters on my 2-stpry, 3,000 sq foot home. Very impressed with the workmanship of the crew.

Mary Beth C.

Gutter Shutter was polite and prompt. They were efficient and they replaced all my existing gutters with new gutters.

Sally C.

Gutter Shutter installed new gutters around my house. I was very pleased with the work. The men were so nice, and they did an excellent job. They cleaned up the yard very well. This is the first time I have had anyone this good.

Ann V.

Jeff was very professional and polite. The replacement gutter installation work was done quickly. We are very pleased with our new gutters.

Alice H.

Gutter Shutter installed new gutters and removed the old ones. They were very professional, cleaned up after themselves, finished the job on time, and the entire process was smooth and easy.

Shannon and Matthew D.


Carol F.


Michael and Jean M.

Gutter Shutter put gutters & gutter covers on second story of new house. The work was performed as described in a timely manner. The covers seem to work as intended. We are happy with the result.

Randy and Carol M.

They removed my old gutters and replaced them with new gutters. Because their available colors didn’t match our house (which had recently been painted) Jeff offered to paint the downspouts and covers with the paint color we had used. He bought the paint and sprayed the downspouts charging only for his cost of the paint.

Bob R.

Gutter Shutter replaced my entire gutter system with new gutters. We had gotten the high pressure sales pitch from another company offering a similar product and were completely turned off. Gutter Shutter’s salesman was very professional and low pressure. Plus, the price we paid was half the ”discounted” price quoted by the other company! The installers did excellent work and cleaned up.

Robert G.

Gutter Shutter installed leaf free gutter I had a previous experience with another company who did a high pressure sales pitch on why their product was superior, and nothing else would work to keep leaves out of my gutters. Their price seemed very high, so I called Gutter Shutter for a comparison. They do not have high pressure sales tactics, and their price was 2,000 less than the other company. The products were different, but I feel that the product from Gutter Shutter will work just as well. They are scheduled to install them today. So far, I have been very pleased with my experience with this company. If you want to learn more about how to protect your gutters without being pressured into making a decision, this is the company you should work with.guards on existing gutters (did not replace total gutter system).

Susan W.

Gutter Shutter replaced all gutters and downspouts. Excellent cleanup and the job was finished when promised. These clog free gutters will last as long as the house and I will never have to clean gutters again!

Susan F.

Gutter Shutter replaced my whole gutter system with their clog free gutter system. I discovered the company on the internet and was impressed with the information provided there. I then checked them out with Angie’s List and discovered that their rating was very high with no unresolved complaints. I then called for a representative to come to provide and estimate. Rick Goercke came at my convenience, made an abbreviated presentation (since I had seen their information online), gave me a price, and I signed a contract. They did just what they said they would do when they said they would do it. I received a phone call from the company to tell me that there had been a weather delay on a previous job and that they would begin my work by 12:30 rather than 7:30 a.m. on the day they were to do my work. The crew arrived promptly at 12:30, went right to work, completed the job to my complete satisfaction by 5:30 that afternoon, and left no mess for me to clean up. These folks are courteous, efficient, and take good care of your property.

Robert B.

The replacement gutter installation crew arrived promptly on the scheduled date (Sept. 2006). They were very neat and cleaned up everything. Since we had quite a bit of rain since it was installed I was able to see how well their gutters worked. I am very pleased with their work.

Nora F.

They did a complete clean out of gutters, checked alignment to make sure they were flowing correctly, and did installation of a gutter guard product. Jeff came to give us an estimate on new gutters. He told us we didn’t need new ones, just a thorough cleaning, a check to see where overflows were happening and installation of Leaf Relief to prevent clogs, since we didn’t have any trees that overhung our house. His crew was on time, explained what they were doing, and even tightened up two gutters that were hanging in a bad direction. They were done is about 2 hours, and the next time it rained, the gutters actually worked for the first time in three years! I couldn’t be happier. They could have completely ripped us off, and we appreciated the honesty.

Christine S.

Gutters Shutter provided new gutters and downspouts on our home. Everything went well overall. I had one follow up visit to seal the gutters. I was very pleased with the work, and the company was very responsive to my calls.

Keith R.

Gutter Shutter removed existing gutters and replaced with their gutter covers. I was completely satisfied with the project. Salesman was prompt and informative. Installation crew was on time, efficient, and communicative throughout. Product appears to be excellent, installation excellent.

David R.

Gutter Shutter did gutter replacement. The sales guy was great, spent time explaining the different types of gutters and of course why Gutter Shutter was the best. They matched another company’s price.

Sharon S.

Gutter Shutter did gutter replacement and added one leader. They were very efficient, on time, and did a good clean-up. They were very courteous and professional workers.

Nevio J.

Gutter Shutter installed new gutters and downspouts on my house. These people know what they are doing. The price seemed high, until I saw the quality. People who do what they promise, when they promise it. These gutters made the outside appearance of my house look a lot better. Rick Goercke, is a true professional.

Thomas P.

They installed all new gutters and gutter guards. Rick was no pressure sales! He was so nice, laid back and very pleasant! Very informative, told me to call him!

Chason and Annie H.

Gutter Shutter replaced old gutter system with their clog free gutter system. Hauled off old gutter. Made a separate trip to take down old gutters before the painters arrived. Original sales pitch was persuasive and non-pushy. Installation happened as scheduled and without my involvement.

Sandra B.

Gutter Shutter removed old gutters and replaced them with a great gutter product that keeps leaves, sticks, and debris out of the gutters. Overall, excellent experience. The gutters do a great job of keeping debris and leaves out of the gutters. The price was thousands less than a competitor’s add-on gutter guard product.

Lex E.

Gutter Shutter removed old gutters and downspouts and replaced with new, clog free gutters. First of all, I loved the no-pressure sales approach and Jeff’s honesty and professionalism. I was also very impressed with the product. They worked around my schedule so I could be home the day of installation. They were fast, clean and did a great job. So far, I have had no issues and was very pleased with the price. I highly recommend this company and the product.

Anne-Louise H.

Gutter Shutter installed a gutter cover designed to eliminate clogging by leaves and debris. Product is called Leaf Relief. Very well. Salesman was very polite; no pressure, good demonstration, sold me on the quality and cost-effectiveness of his solution. Project was completed in less than 1 day. Site was clean when they left. Product performs as sold.

Warren W.

The Gutter Shutter Company installed a gutter cover system in our existing copper gutters to prevent them from getting clogged. Mr. Viscount returned my call promptly. We discussed my needs and he suggested the product that would be most compatible for my existing gutters. He scheduled an estimate. I did not have to be at home for this, so that was convenient for me. He called back to indicate that the estimate would be returned to me in writing by mail. The work was completed within the quoted time frame, and, to my knowledge, I have not experienced any further clogging. I would recommend this company without reservation.

Michelle S.

Great job! Rick made an appointment with me and showed up on time. He was thorough with showing the Gutter Shutter product and had samples of other competitor’s products. He even rode with me as we looked at the installed products on different houses. I had been concerned that gutters would be unattractive on my home as it has a large overhang in the front. The gutter installers showed up at the appointed time and even did a “”mock-up”” of how the downspout would look going down the side of the house versus the front to help me in deciding. Since the installation, there have been some downpours and the gutters not only look great, but work well too. I’m very pleased and would definitely recommend Gutter Shutter.

Teresa K.

Gutter Shutter removed our original gutters and installed their gutter guard system. They also added a downspout needed which Niblock Homes neglected to put on.

Elizabeth C.

The company replaced our old gutter system with new clog-free gutters and downspouts. They did a good job reworking the placement of the downspouts for a more attractive look.

Janet G.

Gutter Shutter came out and installed a leaf gutter guard system for our gutters. They cleaned and re-attached and re-pitched the gutters in places ahead of installing this product. The product is a great product as it protects the flow of water through our gutters but is only visible from above the gutter and not from the ground.

Christopher H.

The gutter installation went extremely well; the crew was knowledgeable and cooperative. They did the job quickly and cleaned up beautifully. I would rather them high, high, high and would recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Anita G.

Gutter Shutter replaced gutters around entire house with new clog free gutters. Initial sales call was very informative and helpful in making my decision among several vendors. Rick Goercke was very good at pointing out the benefits of different types of gutters and was very patient in addressing all questions. The installation was fine and close to the original schedule. The actual work took just one day start to finish and the workmen were professional. They met with me in the morning before starting and called me when the had finished. The finished gutters look fine and I have seen no problems at all so far.

Richard E.

Gutter Shutter removed our old troff gutters and installed a new gutter guard system. Their work was quite satisfactory.

Guy and Sherri R.

They removed old gutters and installed new gutters with gutter guards.

Scott and Barbara F.

I had replacement gutters put on about a year ago. I purchased a rain barrel and called Jeff Viscount to see if his guys could hook it up to a downspout for me. I was expecting to be charged but he did it for free. Great! The guys were at the house at the crack of dawn, per our arrangement. I thought they would just cut across the gutter and put an elbow in it, but they did a full plumbing job! See the photos. They were very meticulous, including using spray paint to color the new screw the same as the current gutters.

Sandra B.

Gutter Shutter removed original gutters and replaced with new shuttered gutters. 3000 sq ft 2 story house with hip roof (gutters all around) plus gable roof 2 car-garage. Included shed dormer on garage roof with gutter and gutters on screen porch and kitchen projection. It went well. Crew cleaned up well after itself. They also replaced all our spotlight bulbs with new bulbs we supplied. We never could have reached some of them.

Dorothy M.

They pulled off old gutter and gave us money for aluminum recycling. They installed replacement gutters with a patented guard cover to prevent clogging with leaves and stuff. Very well on the installation and quality of product. We are very pleased with the performance so far (6 months). Clean up was good.

Kenneth and Lida W.

Gutter Shutter took out the old gutters and replaced them with brand new gutters. We were very impressed with their professionalism.

Brian and Susan P.

Gutter Shutter completely replaced all of the old gutters around our house with a brand new gutter system. They cleaned up everything very well. Everything was excellent.

Andy and Tamara C.

Gutter Shutter installed new gutters and a complete “”clog protection”” gutter cover system. Also installed two new downspouts. I bid this job to 3 companies, and The Gutter Shutter had the best product & 2nd best price. They agreed to match the better price.

Louis M.

Gutter Shutter took down the old gutters and put up the new gutters. They did a super job. They rolled in early one morning and in no time had the old gutters down and the new gutters done. There was no damage to the shrubs.

Dan W.

I have a 3300 sq ft house and had all gutters replaced with covered gutters after having my roof replaced. A number of cornices made this house perhaps a more difficult job than normal. These guys are great. Very personable sales person and professional crew. They removed old gutters and gave me a credit for scrap aluminum. Re-engineered water flow to solve some issues with old system. Installed cap gutter system.

Edward F.