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Gutter covers, gutter guards, or GutterShutters as we call them are one of the best solutions for minimizing clogged gutters in the spring and fall. In addition to keeping your gutters clean gutter covers keep you safe. Our team at The Gutter Shutter Co. knows how dangerous it can be to clean your own gutters. That’s why we offer professional installation of the best gutter covers on the market. Our GutterShutter system is a clog free, seamless replacement gutter system guaranteed to never pull away from your home. You can say goodbye to clogged downspouts and yard drainage issues. Our GutterShutter gutter protection system is both functional and stylish, with a variety of color options we can match any style of home. If you are constantly dealing with clogged gutters look no further. Contact our team to get a free gutter inspection and estimate on GutterShutters for you home. Our team provides gutter cover installation for homes and businesses in Charlotte and the surrounding cities. We do it all, from removing your old gutters to installing your new GutterShutter protection system.

What Makes The GutterShutter Gutter Protection System Different?

The GutterShutter gutter protection system is more than just a gutter cover. It is a system designed by experienced engineers to provide your home with guaranteed protection from clogged gutters. Most gutter covers are installed over your existing gutters. These gutter covers are usually just a simple gutter filter, gutter screen, or strainer constructed with a basic mesh made out of plastic or metal. The problem with these covers is that they can still clog leading to potential damage to your gutters. Clogged gutter covers can eventually cause your gutters to pull away from your home. However, our gutter protection system is an all-in-one clogged gutter solution designed specifically to protect your home.

The GutterShutter system is an all in one gutter and gutter cover solution that replaces your existing gutters. Unlike traditional gutters our system is purpose designed to support the weight of our gutter cover and to keep the water flowing through your gutters no matter how hard it rains. In addition to this, our system is designed to catch more water, even during severe storms our double flow reducers slow down the flow of water ensuring that any and all water makes it into your gutter. We are the only GutterShutter installer in the greater Charlotte area and we guarantee you will be happy with our product!



The Gutter Shutter replaced my entire gutter system. I really like the system or technology they used for the gutter. The workmanship was very good. They did what they said they were going to do. We have had no trouble with the gutters.

William M. – Charlotte, NC 28210


I couldn’t find a better gutter guard on the market. Thanks for installing it so quickly and not messing with my landscaping!

Henry And Sue G. – CharlotteNC 28212


This is a very strong gutter cover and it has held up strong during many storms.

Brian And Tina B. – Charlotte, NC 28209

Why Choose Our System To Protect your Home?

The answer is we have a proven system that will last for a long time. Reality is there are over 20 different types of protection systems available to homeowners. So how does one decide what system is best for them? Easy, we did the work for you. We continually look at the choices and options in the marketplace. We truly believe that our no-clog product and the warranty that backs it up is the best anywhere. If we did not think that this was the best product, we could simply change the product line, it’s that simple.

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Our team at The GutterShutter Co. proudly provides professional gutter cover installation and gutter protection services to home and business owners in Charlotte and the surrounding cities. Our goal is to keep your home dry and your gutters free from clogs year round.

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